Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Please donate to Japan

If you read and followed my blog for the two years that I lived in Japan, you might realize that the affected areas was exactly where I lived.  The days following the earthquake and tsunami have been heartwrenching for me.  It took many days of worrying sick until some information started floating through the internet that some of my friends are okay.  I am only now starting to receive first hand emails from my friends.  But, what do you say to someone who tells you that both of their parents died, or their entire home that their family has owned for hundreds of years was washed away, or that many of their friends died?  What do you say back?

I am asking you to please consider donating.  At this time, I can only make referrals to donate to larger organizations.  However, if you'd like to wait, I'm trying to determine how I can donate directly to Ishinomaki.

Text "redcross" to
90999 for US
30333 For Canada
 For UK
 Send cheques or call 08450 53 53 53. Donate online through the link above.

Global Giving
http://www.globalgiving.org/ - I gave 100 to this organization, they in turn work with the other organizations.
or text "Japan" to 50555 (US only I assume)

Japan Society
Recommended by the US Japanese Consulate, they also work with other organizations, like Redcross.

Can donate in 18 currencies
Provides shelter boxes.  Each box supplies an extended family of up to 10 people with a tent and equipment to use while they are displaced or homeless.  

Save the Children:

Doctors Without Borders:

Salvation Army
text "Japan" to 80888 (US only I assume)